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Auto Rental Network Corp.
Tel: (800) 708-5030


We are an independent car rental company.  We have more than 10 locations and over 1,000 cars of different sizes in New York and New Jersey area.  One of our locations is 10-15 minutes away from JFK airport, NY.  We meet our customers at their terminal and provide free shuttle to transport between the airport and our location.  Our shuttle takes the customers back to the airport when the car is returned.  We do not charge any airport rental fees.  It is one of the reasons that our prices often are better than many other rental companies located at the airport.  In JFK airport you will spend the same 15 minutes or more to get to other car rental companies because you need to take all your baggage and take a train in order to get to the location of rental companies.  Our shuttle bus is going to wait for you right outside of your terminal.  The only thing you need to do is a quick and easy online reservation in advance.  On the day of your arrival give us a call (855-515-8888) before you collect your luggage at the airport and our bus is going to wait for you right outside of your terminal.